Do not complete this form until you have read our terms and conditions and are sure you can meet them all .

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Foster to adopt terms and conditions

Application to foster to adopt
  • I have read and understand the foster to adopt terms and conditions.:
  • You must meet the following criteria, Do not continue if you can answer yes to these questions, please read them carefully. Do you understand? :
  • Are you under 21 years of age?:
  • Are there children under the age of 16 living in the household?:
  • Do you have a cat?:
  • Do you already have both male and female dogs living in your household?:
  • Do you have a dog under 1 year old living in your household?:
  • You do NOT have direct access to a secure garden that is attached to your property. Is this statement correct?:
  • Please only complete this following questions if you have answered no to the above essential criteria questions. Do you understand?:
  • Is everyone in the home in agreement with the foster to adoption?:
  • Are all existing dogs in the home spayed or castrated?:
  • As we are unable to test our dogs with other animals do you accept full responsibility for their safety?:
  • Do you own your property?:
  • Do you understand and agree that it is your responsibility to provide a safe space and to ensure the dog is unable to escape from your home or garden?:
  • Your garden must have secure solid boundary 6ft high for medium to large dogs and a minimum of 5ft for small dogs.:
  • Do you agree to follow all advice you are provided regarding your dog to help them settle in and keep them safe?:
  • Do you agree to work through any behavioural issues and to commit to training your dog?:
  • Do you agree to only use positive reinforcement training methods?:
  • Do you agree that you will not leave for more than five hours and that you will provide alternative care arrangements if they need to be left longer?:
  • We are NOT looking for foster homes. Do you understand the foster-to-adopt process and are looking to adopt the dog after the brief fostering period?:
  • If you are unable to keep the dog at any point in their life then you must return the dog to us. Do you agree?:
  • We reserve the right to remove the dog from your care if we are concerned about the welfare of the dog. Do you understand and agree?:
  • Do you understand there is a donation of £250 to adopt a dog? Consisting of £50 reservation fee and £200 adoption fee.:
  • Do you understand and agree that as a donation it is cannot be refunded?:
  • What age dog would you prefer to foster-to-adopt?:
  • What size dog would you prefer? Select all that apply:
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