Medical Costs

Medical Costs


Before any of our dogs travel to the UK they are blood tested for disease, we test for 4 different diseases - Heartworm, Anaplasma, Borelia and Erlichia. These are all transmitted from dog to dog by ticks and mosquitoes and without treatment will eventually cause death in the dog.

Many rescues do not blood test before they bring dogs to the UK (as this isnt a legal requirement) but we do things properly. However this comes at a cost. We are getting an increasing number of dogs that are testing positive for these diseases and so require 3-6 months of treatment and another repeat blood test before they can travel to the UK. We can no longer afford to absorb these vet bills and so we need your help to raise funds to be able to get the dogs treated. Without treatment these dogs will never be able to leave Romania for a better life.

Dogs requiring help

These are the dogs that currently need treatment for one of these diseases before they can travel.

Each dog needs £100 to cover both its treatment and its repeat blood test.  Make a donation to help with medical costs.