Fostering Terms and Conditions

Fostering Requirements 

Please read before applying. If you do not agree to the terms below then please do not submit an application to us.

To offer a general foster home to one of our dogs you must - 

  • be 21 or older
  • maintain a secure garden with a fence or wall and padlocked gate  (height of fence or wall dependant on size of dog and at the discretion of IDR)
  • have no more than one dog already which must be neutered and not have any behavioural problems
  • have a cat free home or be able to keep any cats separated from your foster dog if required
  • not have young children (under 10) living at the property or visiting for long periods
  • have a Homecheck - this checks for the safety and security of the dog once it is in your home
  • make sure everyone in the home agrees to foster a dog
  • return the dog to us if things don't work out (this is not a get out clause as it is not good for the dog to return to a shelter situation and it is unlikely that there will be room available)  
  • not leave the dog alone in the home for longer than 5 hours or overnight, other arrangements must be made. 

You must also be willing to - 

  • take a dog into your home with no introductions as they will be handed over direct to you on arrival in the UK
  • provide your foster dog with the level of exercise and stimulation it requires everyday
  • Keep the dog on a suitable lead or harness or combination as advised by IDR
  • give the dog reasonable time to settle in and adjust to their new life 
  • work through any issues that arise
  • commit, as having a dog will change your lifestyle -  holidays, days out, social plans and much much more
  • cover all expenses with the exception of vets bills unless they arise due to the negligence of the person fostering or their family. 

Medical fosters - all of the general foster terms and

  • live close to Hull or be willing to transport your foster dog to medical appointments.
  • Administer medication if required
  • Undertake any advised treatment as advised by IDR

Post traumatic fosters - all of the general foster terms and 

  • No other pets
  • No children

If you are still interested and feel you can meet all of the above criteria then please have a look at our available dogs and complete an application form.

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