We are always in need of foster homes for our dogs. If a dog can go into foster care we can move it more quickly out of the terrible conditions in the shelters to the UK where we can start the re-homing process.

Fostering also has many other benefits for our dogs.


  • 1-1 attention
  • A settled home environment
  • Detailed assessments of the dog making home matching easier
  • Less stressful than kennels


Some of our dogs are not ready to be adopted straight away. Some may require several months of treatment before they are ready to go off to their forever homes. To make this as stress-free as possible for the dog, we look for suitable foster homes while they undergo their treatment. 

Dogs requiring treatment will need to be fostered close to Oakwood Dog Rescue so they can attend vet appointments.

As with re-homing, fostering will be arranged through Oakwood Dog Rescue and all costs will be covered by them with the exception of food, treats and toys.

If you think you could offer one of our dogs a foster home please visit our page of dogs who are waiting to join us.

Arriving soon

 You will also need to fill in the form at the bottom of the page. You can find out more about fostering here.

Read the fostering terms and conditions here

These dogs urgently need foster homes as even though they have found sponsors to fund their travel costs they can't travel to the UK until next year as all the kennel space is taken up. We are currently looking for other UK rescue centres to take some of our dogs but until then we really need foster homes.

With winter approaching they face temperatures of minus 15 degrees with no real protection against the weather. 


This beautiful boy is a large Shepherd cross who is good with other dogs.


Lovely female cross - collie approximately 5 years old. Quiet and sweet.


Large male Mastiff cross approx 6 years old. Dez has been waiting the longest out of all our dogs.


A female cross breed. Age tbc. Very good temperament.

These dogs need a foster home because they need some extra care or medical treatment


Sirius requires veterinary treatment for 6-9 months in the UK before he can be re-homed.


Smokey is already in the UK but has been found to have luxating patellas. There is an operation to fix this and the money for this has already been raised. However she can't have the operation until she has a foster home for her to recover.

Fostering Application
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  • I have read the profile of the dog I am interested in, and I meet the Specific Requirements of the dog as outlined in their profile::
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