Transport Cost Donations

It costs £190 to fully sponsor a dog's transport to the UK. You can use the link below to make a one off payment.

Don't forget to tell us your chosen dog's reference number and their new name.

£190 Transport Sponsorship


You can also sign up to sponsor one dog every year £190 using this link.

Sponsor a dog a year

If you are unable to fully sponsor a dog but still wish to help you can make a smaller donation towards a dogs travel costs you can do so using the links below.

If you wish to donate a different amount you can do so by using the link below.   

Please be aware that we reserve the right to use donations received without a reference or note to tell us what it has been made for, where we feel it is needed the most. We would love to be able to contact our supporters to clarify what donations have been made towards but sadly do not have the volunteer numbers to do so.

Don't forget to complete and send us a completed gift aid form so we can we can claim gift aid on your donations. This means for every £1 you donate as a UK Tax Payer, we can claim an additional 25p from the government making your donation £1.25. This money soon adds up and it is a great source of additional funding.

Please complete your gift aid form by downloading it here 

Gift Aid Form

There are a couple of ways you can return it to us:

  • Scan it and email it

our email address is [email protected]

Monthly Donations

Every little helps so if you can spare a small amount each month to help towards the dog's health care, travel costs and food then use the links below. 

Donate £20 per month                                             Donate £15 per month                                                                     

 Donate £10 per month                                             Donate £5 per month                                           

 Donate £3 per month                                               Donate £1 per month

Legacy and Remembrance

Find out how you can make a legacy donation and donations in memory of your loved ones.

Find out more 

Payment /Donation Enquires

Please use the form below if you would like to contact us with a payment or donation enquiry.

Donations Form
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