Gift Aid

We can claim 25p for every £1 you donate with Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer.  Simply use the link below  to complete a Gift Aid form. 

Complete a Gift Aid form

Donating towards travel costs

International Dog Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation. This means we are dependent on the support of those who believe in what we do and want to improve the lives of the dogs in shelters.

It now costs £215 to transport a dog from Romania to the UK.  You can make a donation towards a dog's travel costs using the button below. You can choose from a pre-entered amount or add your own amount. You can also choose to make your donation on a monthly basis.

There's no need for a PayPal account either you can use this button to pay using your debit card via PayPal. 

If you want to make sure your donation is allocated to the dog of your choice then you must add a note when you make your payment. Donations received without a reference will be allocated to the dog or dogs most in need. We would love to be able to contact our supporters to clarify what donations have been made towards but sadly do not have the volunteer numbers to do so.

Any donations received for a particular dog above what is required will be allocated to the next dog or dogs most in need.

Donating towards preparation costs

It costs us £75 to prepare each dog for travelling to the UK. This includes -

  • neutering
  • vaccinations
  • flea, worm and tick treatment
  • testing for diseases

If you can help us with the cost of a dog's preparation for travel, please use the PayPal button below. Please add the ref Prep as a note. 

Buy a bag

To prevent the shelter putting dogs to sleep we have agreed to feed all the dogs that would have been put to sleep after 90 days of being in the shelter. Help us to feed these dogs  using the buy a bag button below.  Because we buy in bulk in Romania a bag costs approximately £4. This will vary depending on cheapest brand at the time of purchasing.

Monthly donations

You can set up a monthly donation to help us with all the work we undertake to improve the lives of the dogs in Romanian shelters using the buttons below.

You can find out how you can support our shelter campaign using the link below

Visit our shelter campaign page

We appreciate every donation made and know that the smallest amount can change lives. Use the button below to donate £1 per month towards helping our dogs.

Legacy and remembrance

Find out how you can make a legacy donation towards our work and about making a donation in memory of a loved one with a entry on our memorials page.

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Donation enquiries

Please use our contact us page for enquires about donations.

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