Adopting a cat or kitten from International Dog Rescue

Cats are treated extremely poorly in Romania, they are regarded as pests and are often hurt or killed on the streets. Those cats that end up in the kill shelter live in terrible conditions until they are put to sleep. They face -

  • poor housing
  • hunger
  • disease
  • injury
  • overcrowding

If you wish to adopt a kill shelter cat or kitten we will select one based on your preferences stated on your application form. We are unable to advertise specific cats due them frequently escaping or becoming ill.

We are also working with a private shelter to rehome the cats and kittens they have saved.

We have also agreed tp help a rescue in Vietnam where cats are often saved from the meat trade.


Before completing our adoption application form please consider that cats are a 20+ year commitment. You must be able to care for them for life. You must also consider whether you are financially able to care for the cat,  this includes - 

  • food
  • cat litter
  • vets bills including - flea and worm prevention and annual vaccinations
  • insurance costs

We have adult cats and kittens available for adoption most are in the private shleter in Romania but if we can find UK foster space we will bring them to the UK.


It's easy to adopt a cat or kitten from us,  simply -

  • check you meet our criteria for adoption using the button below
  • choose a cat or kitten
  • complete our application form at the bottom of this page
  • have a homecheck
  • if your homecheck is successful and your cat or kitten is in the UK, pay your £75 adoption fee and either collect your new family member or we will arrage for them  to be transported to you 
  • if your homecheck is successful and your cat or kitten is in Romania  you will pay your £25 reservation fee (non refundable but deducted from the adoption fee)
  • we will raise the travel costs to bring your new family member to you
  • once they set off for the UK, you will then need to pay the remaining £50
  • if your homecheck is successful and your cat or kitten is in Vietnam, you will pay your £200 adoption fee

All cats and kittens will be -

  • neutered
  • vaccinated against - feline panleukopenia virus, cat flu, feline leukaemia virus and rabies
  • treated for - fleas, worms and ticks
  • tested for - feline immunodeficiency virus, feline leukaemia virus,  feline coronavirus and giardia, rabies
  • microchipped
  • given a pet passport

We provide rescue back-up for life, meaning that if you are unable to keep your cat for whatever reason, you must return them to our care. However, this is not a get-out clause. We will provide you with continued advice and support for any questions/issues that may arise throughout the cat’s life.

Find out more about adoptng a cat and read our adoption criteria using the link below.