Our work is not just about transporting dogs to the UK to be rehomed. We have several campaigns running at the moment that are linked to different aspects of our work in the shelters in Romania.  

  If you wish to donate towards any of our campaigns please also complete and send us a gift aid form so we can we can claim gift aid on your donations. This means for every £1 you donate as a UK Tax Payer, we can claim an additional 25p from the government making your donation £1.25. This money soon adds up and it is a great source of additional funding.

Please complete your gift aid form by downloading it here Gift Aid Form. 

There are a couple of ways you can return it to us:

  • Scan it and email it
  • Take a REALLY clear photograph and e-mail it

 our email address is [email protected]


Puppies end up in the shelters by being -

  • picked up off the streets
  • handed in by the owners of the parent dog
  • born in the shelters.

All the puppies face the same terrible conditions that the adult dogs face but they are much more vulnerable to hunger, the weather conditions and disease. 

Our puppy campaign aims to raise enough money to provide basic protection against the biggest killers parvo virus and distemper. 

It costs £25 to protect a puppy from these deadly diseases and allow them to grow up to become old enough to be sponsored and brought to the UK to find homes.


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If you wish to make a donation of a different amount towards puppy care in the shelters use the link above and enter the amount you wish to donate.

Improving Shelters

We can't save every dog and find them a home in the UK so we know that we also have to work to improve conditions in the shelters. Conditions in the shelters vary, some are better than others but all provide sub standard conditions. In winter there is no protection against the cold, temperatures can fall as low as -15.

In summer there is little protection against the heat which can be as high as 29 degrees, with some shelters offering no shade at all. 

Kennels have little, if no bedding in them and are often dirty and damp. Pens are not always secure and dogs can be injured escaping or by other dogs in the pens they escape into. 

We aim to provide better shelters for the dogs that are left behind with safe pens and protection against the weather. The pens need roofs adding. 

There are 7 kennel blocks and it will cost £250 for each block. So we need to raise £1750. 

You can help by donating funds towards this campaign. Use the link below and enter the amount you wish to donate.

  • shelters1
  • shelters 2
  • shelter 5
  • shelter 4
  • shelter 3
  • shelter3

Help Us Build A Shelter

Currently our dogs have to stay in the Public Shelters until transport sponsors can be found along with a rescue space in the UK. During this wait our dogs get injured, ill, attacked and some have died. The Public Shelters we work with are limited as not all PS will allow us to leave our dogs there until they can travel, also many PS do not care for their dogs like we would, they get fed only a few times a week, they are out in all weathers, they don't have access to appropriate vet care. 

We at international Dog Rescue want to raise funds for us to build our own Private Shelter in Romania, where we can take our dogs to be cared for whilst they are waiting for transport and rescue space in the UK. This means we can help many more dogs and they will be safe while they wait, they will be fed, get vet care, be able to sleep indoors, have heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.

Visit our GoFundMe campaign

Medical Costs

 Some of our dogs need a bit of extra care before they can be adopted or they may become ill whilst in their foster homes or rescue shelters in the UK and this may result in additional costs for vets fees. 

Find out more about our medical costs and the dogs needing treatment.