March 2018 News

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In March we brought 9 more dogs to safety from Romania. Madge, Misty, Alan, Button, Trixie, Casper, Bella, Hector and Dotty are all settling in well at Oakwood Dog Rescue and are already winning the hearts of the staff, volunteers and dog walkers.

It's been a long cold, hard winter for our dogs. Fortunately all our reserved dogs have survived the harsh conditions. But it's not all been good news as several of our dog tested positive for distemper a potentially fatal disease which has sadly taken the lives of other dogs in the shelter. Parvovirus is also a huge problem and the young pups that are often brought in to the shelter are particularly vulnerable. Many puppies have lost their lives as they are not vaccinated against these diseases.

While it is our aim to rescue as many dogs as possible and re-home them in the UK, your monthly donations also help us pay for vaccinations and treatment of dogs that remain in the shelter and give them a chance at life before hopefully finding sponsors.

Gill and Molly visited Calarasi again in March. While there they met a scruffy looking male dog who had just arrived at the shelter. He was extremely subdued and while he would let them approach him, there was no interaction from him. Over the next few days Molly and Gill spent time with him in order to gain his trust. Their time and patience quickly paid off and I'm sure you will agree the difference in this boy is amazing. Lucky for this boy, he has been sponsored to travel to the UK and will soon be going to a foster home while he finds his forever home. He is not a number anymore and has been named Max by his sponsors.