January 2018 News

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The weather may have been cold and miserable and we may have all been busy recovering from Christmas and New Year but things have still been happening at IDR.

In December and January we have said goodbye to Rhubarb, Larry, Dave, Pippa, Frank, Elsa, Ted, Jasper, Polly and Lassie. The lovely Frank has gone off to become a brother to Kyla (was Isla), one of our previous rescues!

We have also welcomed some new arrivals including 4 puppies, Teddy, Milo, Xena and Dolly who have been settling in and learning how to socialise with other dogs. 

We have also managed another 2 trips to Romania with more dogs reserved and thanks to the generosity of our supporters we have secured travel sponsors for many of them. 

In December's visit Gill came across a girl who is a great example of why we do what we do. Trixie was only spotted by chance on the last day of her week long trip. It may have been that she was too weak to come out of her kennel. Skin and bone and close to starvation, this girl would likely not have survived the winter. Fortunately she has now been taken to the clinic where she is getting stronger every day. Once she is strong enough, she can be prepped for travel to the UK and will never have to worry about starving to death again. You will see from her photos what a difference a few weeks makes and what a difference our supporters help us make. 

Trixie collage