Arriving Soon

Below are our lucky dogs who have been sponsored by our wonderful supporters and are waiting to travel to the UK.

Arrival dates for those dogs currently undergoing medical treatment may be delayed to allow for the completion of the treatment and a post-treatment evaluation period.

All of our dogs are re-homed by UK rescue centres or via foster placements. We are always in need of foster homes for our dogs. If a dog can go into foster care, we can move it more quickly out of the terrible conditions in the shelters to the UK, where we can start the re-homing process.

We do not adopt our dogs direct from Romania as we are unable to assess them fully while they are in the shelter environment. You can, however, foster a dog with a view to adopting the dog. This allows you and the dog to settle in and we can make sure you are a suitable match.

Read the Fostering guidance here


Currently undergoing medical treatment









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