Adoption Guidance

Romanian rescue dogs can take a little longer to settle than UK rescue dogs and often can only be re homed to homes with no small children or other dogs however each dog is an individual and many settle straight into home life with no problems. All our dogs are re homed through UK rescue centres and are fully assessed to find them suitable homes.

Each rescue has their own specific adoption requirements but here are some basic requirements that you will need to considered before applying

  • Prospective owners should be 21 or older.
  • Maintain a secure garden with a solid fence and padlocked gate at an appropriate height for thedog you are looking to adopt generally 6ft. 
  • Homechecks are most likely required - this checks for the safety and security of the dog once it is in your home.
  • Introductions to family members will usually take place as well as any dogs you already own.
  • Everyone in the home must be in agreement about adopting a dog.
  • New owners must be willing to provide your chosen dog with the level of exercise and stimulation it requires everyday.
  • New owners to give the dog reasonable time to settle in and adjust to their new life which can be around a month to 6 months, sometimes longer.
  • Adopters must be willing to work through situations to try and keep the dog.
  • Most rescues will have an adoption contract and an adoption fee to be paid.
  • Annual vaccinations, flea and worming treatment and insurance must be kept valid and up to date and copies provided each year.
  • The dog must not be left alone in the home for longer than 5 hours or overnight, other arrangements must be made. 
  • You are about to commit to 10-15 years with your chosen dog. You need to have thought about how having a dog will change your lifestyle. Your dog will affect holidays, days out, social plans and much much more. You must be willing to make this commitment.

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