Adopting a dog from International Dog Rescue

Our adoption process is very simple - 

  • complete an application form
  • provide pictures of the boundary of your property
  • provide proof you can have a dog if you rent
  • decide which dog you are interested in
  • have a homecheck

Once accepted and you've passed our initial checks we will ask you to pay a reservation fee which is not able to be refunded if you change your mind,  we do however deduct this off the adoption fee. We then raise funds to transport the dog to the UK  direct to you.  Adult dogs are adopted on a Foster to adopt basis, puppies can be adopted straight away. You can find out more about Foster to adopt and puppy adoption below.

All our dogs and puppies have a general health check prior to travelling. They also undergo tests for the following diseases - 

  • Giardia
  • Anaplasma
  • Heartworm
  • Borelia
  • Ehrlichea
  • Brucelloisis

Any dog testing positive receives treatment.  If you can help us with our medical bills which average £1000 per month please use the link below.

We are unable to fully assess our dogs before they travel to the UK. This means that we usually have very little information on their personalities and what type of home they would suit best. Therefore, we do not adopt dogs direct from Romania. However, you can foster a dog with a view of adoption. This means that the dog can settle in during the foster period and we can make sure that they are a suitable match for your household without already committing to adoption. We usually recommend that you foster the dog for at least four weeks before making the decision of whether you would like to adopt the dog. You can foster-to-adopt a dog from anywhere in mainland UK. Unfortunately, we are unable to transport dogs to UK islands or Northern Ireland.

Generally, this process works very well; however, if you feel that the dog isn’t the right fit for your household during the fostering period, then we can transfer the dog over to our partner rescue where they will assess the dog and find them a suitable home. However, we expect all foster-to-adopters to work through any behavioural issues that you come across as we aim for the dogs to be adopted through this process.

 The adoption fee  for an adult dog is £250; however, our less-mobile, older dogs (8+), or those with health issues, have an adoption fee of £150.

Before you apply check you meet the essential criteria below. Ensure you -

  • are over 21 years old
  • do NOT have a cat
  • do NOT have children under 13 years old living in your home
  • have a secure garden with a fence or wall and a locked gate with direct access from your home.
  • have boundary fencing of 5ft high at it's lowest point
  • do NOT have both a male and a female dog already living in your home.
  • do NOT have a dog under 1 year old already living in your home.

Read all of our Foster to adopt terms and conditions

Foster to adopt terms and conditions

Visit our Foster to adopt page to meet our dogs the are availble 

Meet our dogs

Complete  a Foster to adopt application form 

Apply to foster to adopt 

Puppies under 12 months old can be adopted direct from Romania. The adoption fee is £350 which must be paid in advance of travel to the UK. 

Rescue puppies from Romania behave differently to those in the UK. They often arrive quite nervous of new people and places, and they require a lot of time and patience to build up their confidence. We require puppies to be taken to puppy training classes and doggy daycare for a minimum of six months as it is vital for proper socialisation and positive reinforcement training. If your puppy develops any behavioural issues, then you must work through them with advice and guidance from IDR and, if necessary, a local dog trainer.

Before you apply check you meet the essential criteria below to ensure you -

  • are over 21 years old
  • do NOT have children under 16 years old living in your home
  • have a secure garden with a fence or wall and a locked gate with direct access from your home.
  • have boundary fencing of a minimum height of 5ft (we may ask for higher fencing for particularly nervous or large puppies)
  • do NOT have a dog under 1 year old already living in your home.

Read all of our puppy adoption terms and conditions using the link below.

Puppy adoption terms and conditions

Visit our Meet the dogs  page to view all the available puppies . Please note not all our puppies make it onto this page as we move them as soon as they are ready so we will have more available which we will provide details of once we have received your application and confirmed your boundaries are secure.

Meet our dogs

Complete a puppy adoption  application form using the link below

Apply to adopt a puppy

The majority of our dogs travel to the UK to our partner rescues to be found homes. These dogs are assessed by the rescue to see what type of home they require and are more often than not are offered to people already on their waiting list.

For our dogs in the UK being homed by Oakwood Dog Rescue in East Yorkshire, please visit their site to find out about their adoption criteria and how to apply to be on their waiting list. Please be aware you will be required to pay an adoption fee and they are not currently accepting applications from homes with -

  • children under 10 years of age
  • insecure gardens (usual requirements are 6ft secure boundary fencing or wall)
  • cats

Oakwood's adoption information

We also work with other partner rescues in the UK, some of which are breed specific resuces.  Please email us using the email address provided in the dog's description for the contact details of the relevant rescue. Dogs with Hull Animal Welfare Trust  (HAWT) are only availbale to those living in the Hull and East Riding area. 

You can meet all the dogs available to adopt using the link below.

Meet the dogs

Don't forget to add "a special instruction" to your donation "ref meds" this way we can make sure your donation is used for your intended purpose.